7 Ways to Reuse Plastic Water Bottles

How to make the most of plastic water bottles without stocking landfills

There was a time when all of our drinking water came straight from the tap. Nowadays, with our busy lives, trips to the gym and working on the go, we’ve turned to the convenience of drinking water from easy-to-carry plastic bottles. But all of those empty bottles add up to a heaping pile of garbage. The solution is to find creative ways to reuse plastic water bottles and cut back on the amount that end up in landfills. Here are some imaginative ways to safely reuse water bottles.

Ice packs for your cooler

According to Jeff Yeager, author of the Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches, you can save money by reusing plastic water bottles as ice packs — just fill them up with tap water and freeze them. These are much more convenient for coolers than loose, melting ice cubes.

Sauce and salad dressing containers

If you make homemade hot sauces or powdered salad dressing mixes, then reusing plastic water bottles as your containers is a great way to recycle. Not only will these take up little space in your fridge, but they’re easy to carry around for picnics or backyard BBQs.

Plant-watering device

According to Yeager, you can simply cut off the bottom of your plastic water bottle, insert a plant-watering device you can find at any nursery, stick it spike-down in the ground next to your plants and you’ve got an effective plant-watering device for your home garden.

Hold your tiny loose items

You can cut off the top of water bottles and reuse them as handy holders for loose items such as nails, buttons, pennies, pins and tacks. With the amount of bottles you use, you can have one container per item stacked neatly in a row.

Seedling planters

Reuse plastic water bottles by cutting off the tops, filling with soil and planting seeds in them. Once these seedlings sprout, you can transfer them to bigger pots for further growth.

Kids arts and crafts

Another safe way to reuse plastic water bottles is for arts and crafts projects. Keeping a supply of plastic water bottles handy on a rainy day can provide the kids with materials to create bird feeders, sand art or many other crafts projects.

Paintbrush soaker

Instead of getting a cup dirty, reuse plastic water bottles to soak your paint brushes in. Just lop off the top and you’ve got a great way to keep those brushes clean and moist.

With all these great ways to reuse plastic water bottles, there’s no reason to throw them away! And remember, if you can’t reuse them, always recycle.

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