6 Ways to Eat Healthy

Diet and lifestyle tips to improve health

Many people want to eat healthy, but think they don't have the time. Finding healthy food and time to consume it isn't as tough as it may seem, though. If you want to eat for health, take a deep breath and relax. These tips can get you started.

1. Practice moderation

You don't have to give up cake or other sweets if you want to eat healthy; just watch how much you consume. The American Council on Science and Health gives everyone permission to enjoy the occasional treat. But if you're trying to eat healthy, treats shouldn't become staples of your diet. Learn how to build a healthy relationship with your food.

2. Focus on fruits & vegetables

Fruits and veggies are excellent time-savers and healthy foods. They can give you energy you may be lacking between meals, and regulate your appetite when you want to eat to improve your health. The Harvard School of Public Health advises the consumption of nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

3. Eat breakfast

Breakfast is a vital part of eating well. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition provides evidence that scampering past breakfast can up your risk for heart disease. Breakfast can give your metabolism the jump start it needs to break down and use nutrients throughout your day, which helps maintain your energy level.

4. Cut out the midnight snack

Try your best to refrain from eating two hours before you go to bed. Your metabolism goes into slow motion while you sleep. Your digestive system needs time to finish processing your food before sleep. Giving your body time to properly digest food before going to sleep will improve the quality of your rest. You will also be hungrier in the morning, which will help increase your appetite for breakfast.

5. Eat more whole grains

Whole grains are healthy foods and a great high-fiber option when you want to eat for health. A good place to start integrating these healthy foods into your diet is with your bread.

Give whole grains a try. You may be surprised to find just how filling and tasty these healthy foods can be. Also, swapping white rice with brown rice can provide you with more Vitamin E, Potassium, Vitamin B6 and Iron.

6. Dodge the unnatural

If you want to eat healthy, you should try reading food labels and let dust gather on the items that include chemical additives like MSG, sodium nitrate or nitrite, olestra, artificial sweeteners and artificial coloring. These have proved to be related to headaches, chest pains and some forms of cancer. Stay away from ingredients like enriched flour, refined sugar and saturated fat.

These products can dramatically raise your blood-sugar levels, coagulate in your arteries (which escalates risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke), spike your cholesterol levels and leave you feeling burnt-out.

Eating healthier could help you live longer; feel better physically, mentally and emotionally; and decrease your risk for illnesses related to poor eating habits and toxic additives in your food.

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