6 Quick Tips for Effective Weight Loss

How to get started with healthy eating and fitness and keep your plan in place

Although late-night television weight loss programs and commercials would like you to believe that, by popping a pill or by using a specialized piece of workout equipment just a few minutes a day, you could have buns of steel and washboard abs in only a couple of weeks, there really is no quick or easy way to lose weight. It requires hard work and discipline, but, if you're ready to do what it takes to lose weight, these six tips for effective and sustainable weight loss will help get you started.

Make a commitment

To lose weight, and keep it off for the long term, you'll need to make some permanent changes to your lifestyle, as opposed to just temporary eating or exercise modifications. In other words, if you plan on just white-knuckling it for a few weeks, don’t expect to keep the weight off. You'll need to change your eating habits and adopt an exercise routine.

Address underlying emotional issues

Take some time to examine your relationship with food. Do you tend to eat more when you're feeling down, upset or angry? Do you eat or continue to eat even when you're not hungry? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there may be an unresolved emotional issue behind your unhealthy eating habits. Consider making time to see a therapist or spiritual counselor to help walk you through the emotional healing process.

Make a plan, then tell your friends and family

Once you choose a diet plan and make a commitment to stick with it, you should enlist the support of the people in your world. If you don’t tell anyone, it will be far too easy to cheat on your program. Letting others know your diet and exercise plan and giving them permission to ask you about it creates accountability. They will know if you're cheating and can (lovingly) call you out on it, helping you get back on track to reaching your weight loss goal.

Join a support group

Some experts say that having social support is directly related to succeeding and maintaining weight loss goals. It’s good to have someone in your corner who knows just what you are going through. A fellow dieter will be able to understand you like no one else can.

Love that fat

Perhaps you've heard the term "essential fatty acids," also known as Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids? According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, essential fatty acids play a necessary role in regulating metabolism — which is key to weight loss.

When you fall, brush yourself off and get back up

In the end, we are all human, and we will all fall off the diet wagon from time to time. The key to success, however, is to acknowledge a mistake or failure and keep moving forward toward the goal. Getting back on track immediately will lessen the impact of the mistake by avoiding the reestablishment of poor eating and lifestyle habits.

While there is no magic formula or product for quick weight loss, these tips will help put you on the path to becoming a healthier, happier you.

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