6 Easy Ways to Work Healthier

Reduce stress, tension and toxins at work

Most of us spend a third of our lives at work! Make it a place that’s good for you. From improving your ergonomics to reducing eye strain and releasing stress fast, these six tips and solutions can make your corner of the office a healthier place to be.


1. Sit up straight
... on the Balance Ball®, designed by a chiropractor to coax your spine into perfect alignment. Also encourages “active sitting,” meaning you’ll tone core muscles and burn more calories just sitting there! Talk about multi-tasking!


2. See the light
... and reduce eye strain with the Brookfield Desk Lamp. Optix® technology puts out brighter light with no glare. Energy-saving bulb lasts 10,000 hours, and 360° swivel puts light exactly where you need it.


LightAir Ion Flow Air Purifier

3. Clear the air
... and outsmart allergies, asthma, colds and flu. The LightAir Ion Flow Air Purifier is an award-winning, compact, ionizing air purifier that produces no ozone and removes the smallest pollution particles that are most harmful to your health: bacteria, dust, dander, pollen, smoke, mold and fungus spores.


Or try Sani-Mate, which destroys air pollutants in bathrooms, hospital rooms and more. This maintenance-free air purifier draws air inside at the rate of 70 feet per minute, then cleans and refreshes it using bursts of electricity.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle

4. Hydrate often
Adorn your desk with a gleaming, planet-smart style statement and you’ll never go back to plastic. A Stainless Steel Water Bottle lasts nearly forever and won’t absorb tastes or odors. 



Rodney Yee Desk Stretches5. Unkink your neck and back
... in a flash with Rodney Yee’s five-minute Desk Yoga fixes — stretches and breathing exercises you can do right at your desk. Play the video how-to now.


6. Remain calm
... even when things get crazy. The StressEraser®’s clever finger sensor picks up on stress that’s off the charts — and helps you “reboot” with quick breathing and focusing exercises.



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These methods are so effective. I'm now practicing it.

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When I was learning Yoga and Meditation my Yoga guru has given me some useful tips on to it.

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