4 Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill

Learn how to get your water bill down and protect the environment

If you’re looking to reduce your water bill to save a little extra money, you’re in luck. Here are four easy ways to reduce your water bill, reduce energy consumption and protect the environment.

Find and fix leaky faucets

According to the Indiana Office of Consumer Counseling, continually dripping faucets can waste a significant amount of water each year, costing you hundreds of dollars. To practice good water saving techniques, check all your faucets for leaks as you go about your daily activities. Note any leaking faucets and seek a professional or do-it-yourself manual to repair them. If you need to replace a faucet, make sure to do so using a water conservation model, available in most hardware and home stores.

Fix leaking toilets

With a leaking toilet, you waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. According to the counseling office, you can check for a leaking toilet by dropping some food coloring into the bowl and waiting about 20 minutes. If food coloring remains after that time, you have a water conservation problem that you’ll need to fix using a local plumber. Similarly to when repairing leaky faucets, installing a water-saving toilet is a good way to “green” your home as you repair your leaking toilet.

Practice good bathroom water conservation

In addition to being aware of leaks, you can save water by taking short showers instead of long showers or baths, and by turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth or perform any other type of at-the-sink hygiene.

Use kitchen sense

A great way to reduce your water bill while simultaneously respecting the environment is to carefully set your dishwasher to “economy." You can also conserve water by minimizing the amount of time the faucet is on while hand washing dishes.

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