4 Romantic Evening Ideas

How to plan a romantic evening for a first date or long-time companion

Planning a romantic evening date does not have to be complicated or cause for stress. It also does not have to be the same old date of flowers and dinner. When setting the mood for a cool first date, or even for a date with someone that you’ve been seeing for a while, romantic evening date ideas do not have to be extravagant or break the bank. Setting the mood for a romantic evening together is easy and fun. Here are four romantic tips that will set you on the path to creating a romantic evening you’ll remember forever!

Go to the bookstore

A wonderful, intimate, off-the-beaten-path place to go for a romantic, inexpensive evening date is a local bookstore. The quiet, quixotic atmosphere will have you two huddling close, whispering and sharing quiet laughs together. Get coffee, find a corner and quietly read love poetry to each other. Such an intimate setting is the perfect place to sneak a romantic kiss or two.

Stay in and make dinner together

There are not many things that are more romantic than cooking together. Stay in for a romantic evening date and make dinner. Discovery Health recommends oysters and chocolate as aphrodisiacs. Create a simple dish of oysters and a few veggies in a white wine sauce followed by a dessert of delicious, homemade chocolate mousse. Couple your dinner with candlelight and dry champagne. The intimacy of cooking together will put you in a romantic mood while the sensuous texture of the chocolate mousse, soft glow of candlelight and sparkle of champagne add to the romance of the evening.

Go stargazing

Whether you drive to a mountain overlook or lie on the beach, star gazing is a romantic evening pastime that will never get old. Make it even more special by bringing blankets to lie on and cuddle up in, wine and cheese with plastic glasses and go the extra mile by getting a tall hurricane glass and placing a short pillar candle inside. The tall glass will ensure a breeze does not blow out your candle, and the light of the candle will romantically illuminate the two of you as you share secrets and see who can count the most shooting stars on your romantic evening date.

Be silly and take pictures

Take your digital camera, or buy a disposable camera, and decide on a theme for the evening, such as “butterfly kisses.” Then, run around town together taking pictures of you both giving each other butterfly kisses in fun locations. Print out the pictures or get them one-hour processed, and make a little album of your night together. The album will turn into a handheld memory of the romantic evening you spent together that will last a lifetime.

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