4 Prescriptions for Good Spiritual Health

How to align yourself with your beliefs and find happiness

The body, mind and spirit are undeniably linked. If one part suffers, the other two parts suffer in some degree as well. Therefore, wellness of your entire being is important. You cannot nourish the mind with intellectual stimulation and feed your body with good food but neglect your spiritual health, and expect to be a well person. The following are some ways to focus on your spirit.

Help out

With all the worries life throws at you every day, it's common to wonder how you can possibly get everything done. It might seem counter-intuitive, but taking time once in a while to focus on someone other than yourself can help put your own problems into perspective.

Volunteering at a shelter or non-profit organization, or even just helping an elderly person you know perform a simple task, can help improve your spiritual health. It may also assist you in refocusing on the bigger picture; acknowledging that there are movements in this world much larger than yourself.

Put yourself in a positive environment

Surrounding yourself with positive influences can be helpful. A life filled with laughter and joy will uplift the spirit, while negative surroundings can increase stress and make difficult situations even worse. Even if you live with family members, it might be time to distance yourself from someone with a toxic or abusive personality. You might not need to cut them out of your life entirely, but drawing healthy boundaries can limit their negative impact on your life and spirit.

Put materialism in check

Are you happy with what you have? Or do you need the latest clothing and tech gadgets to make you happy? In our materialisitic society, so much is driven by our desire to have more stuff, better stuff and/or trendy stuff. It's certainly not wrong to buy something you have your heart set on, but true inner peace cannot be bought at a store. Remembering this can help you focus on what really can bring you inner peace

Connect with your significant spirit

Whether you believe in a God of a Judeo-Christian religion, Buddha, nature or just an energy force, you should make time to connect with your higher power regularly. It can help strengthen your spirit and sense of purposeful connection to the world around you. Ask yourself, where do you place your trust? Could this area of your life use some work?

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