4 Natural Alternatives to Botox

A guide to healthy skin without risky surgery

Botox has become so big, people even host Botox parties. People put it in their faces and even in their armpits. But what is Botox, really? Is it dangerous? Are there alternatives? Is there a natural way to get the same effects without Botox surgery? Learn about Botox, the potential side effects of Botox and four natural Botox alternatives.

What is Botox surgery?

According to R Kukreja and BR Siing’s article "Botulinum Neurotoxins: Structure and Mechanism of Action," published in Microbial Toxins: Current Research and Future Trends, Botox’s official name is botulinum toxin. It is a medication and neurotoxic protein with a very dangerous side effect: Botox can be very toxic in large doses. Despite its potential side effects, Botox is used in small doses under its trade name to relax your muscles and stop muscle spasms, and in cosmetic procedures (often called Botox surgery), to fill in wrinkles, smooth skin and help reduce perspiration (when injected into the armpits). Because of its potential toxicity, people are looking for natural alternatives to Botox. Luckily, you can purchase products and perform preventative measures daily that will act as alternatives to Botox. Read on.

  • Buy Natural Products: You can buy all-natural beauty products as an alternative to Botox. Several brands exist, including Frownies. Frownies beauty products, for example, include natural ingredients like aloe, oats, cactus collagen, bear berries, lavender, rose essential oils and antioxidants. The products include serums, pH washes, patches and moisturizers. The products allegedly reduce wrinkles while you sleep and are one of the many natural alternatives to Botox and Botox surgery.

  • MD Skincare by Dr. Dennis Gross: Forbes lists Dr. Dennis Grosss MD Skincare line as one of the best alternatives to Botox. The line includes products like alpha beta facial peels, facial cleansers and toners, hyaluronic acid, retinol, antioxidant firming serums and vitamin C serums. The product descriptions boast collagen-building ingredients so you can skip the needles involved in Botox surgery.

  • Amatokin: Forbes lists the stem cell technology used in Amatokin as another alternative to Botox. Amatokin’s creators report that the product targets stem cells to reduce wrinkles, even out skin tone and renew your skin. But such technology can be pricey. Amatokin retails for almost $200 for one ounce.

  • Use Products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids: According to WebMD, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), including citric acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid and others, can be applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells, moisturize the skin and improve the appearance of skin by smoothing and firming it. WebMD adds that these acids work by removing the top, dead layer of skin to reveal the younger and newer skin underneath. They also firm your skin because they increase the thickness of deeper skin layers. Forbes also lists these acids as natural Botox alternatives, claiming that they heal sun-damaged skin and are more readily available (and less expensive) than the products listed above.

Prevention is better than Botox

In addition to buying products as natural alternatives to Botox, you can also perform the following preventative measures to avoid needing surgery in the future.

  • Use Sunscreen and Lotion: Many people use Botox to smooth wrinkles on their faces, but a lot of those lines and wrinkles could have been avoided in the first place if they stayed out of the sun. If you can’t stay out of the sun, be sure to wear sunscreen every time you go outside. Staying out of the sun and using sunscreen are early ways to prevent the need for a cosmetic procedure like Botox and its potential side effects. In addition to using sunscreen and staying out of the sun, keeping your skin hydrated and smooth with lotion is an additional alternative to Botox. Moisturize! You’ll get the effects of Botox without any of the side effects.
  • Drink Water: Because our bodies are composed of mostly water, it’s important to keep ourselves hydrated. Just be sure you’re hydrating with water and not sugary drinks like sodas or juice. Drinking plenty of water keeps your body and skin hydrated so your skin stays smooth and clean — a natural and healthy alternative to Botox.
  • Keep Your Body Healthy: Another important way you can naturally take care of your skin so you can avoid Botox and its potential side effects is to just take care of your body. Don’t smoke. Avoid excessive alcohol or drug use. Exercise. Eat healthy by feeding yourself foods rich in vitamins and nutrients. If you take care of your body and your skin, you're more likely to avoid the need for cosmetic surgery like Botox.

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Great article do you have any info on face-peels or is that what the Hydroxy acids are for? What's your views on Natox healthpal.info/natural-organic-botox-alternative/


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I have undergone botox and so far I got a lot of benefits on it. Based on my facial rejuvenation experience, it is not dangerous as long as the doctor who does the job is a true professional and that he complies with every necessity pertaining to the botox application. Those alternatives may be great but I still consider botox to be the most effective one.

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