3 Yoga Moves for Bedtime

Which yoga poses help you relax for a restful night’s sleep

Did you ever think that yoga moves could help combat your insomnia? Most people think that the last few minutes before bed are meant to be spent brushing teeth, reading books or pleading with the kids to turn out the light. In reality, many of us spend our last few minutes before bed leading our normal, busy lives. We talk on the phone, work, make lunches for the next day. We don’t take time to settle down and yet we expect to fall right asleep, but of course that doesn’t happen. According to sleep counselor and journalist Janet Kinosian, M.A., taking just 10-20 minutes to practice yoga moves (stretching and breathing) before bed can get you ready to sleep for the night.

Child’s pose

If you’re looking for yoga moves to help kids sleep, this is one that even the youngest child would probably be able to perform. However, it’s also a great relaxation technique for the adult who wants to get some good rest. One of the best yoga poses for bedtime, Child’s Pose, or Balasana in Sanskrit, requires sitting on your knees and laying forward so that your chest rests on your thighs and your forehead on the floor. You should also relax your arms, letting them lie with palms up by your thighs or feet. The six breaths that Kinosian recommends you take for this pose are important. The deep breaths will calm you and get you ready to sleep as your back moves with the breathing.

Seated forward bend

Everyone from grandmas to toddlers can take part in this easy yoga move for bedtime. Sitting on the floor, stretch your feet out in front of you and flex your toes toward the ceiling. Now, touch your toes, or reach as far forward as you can. You’ll feel yourself stretching, but remember this is good. After all, Kinosian says that thoroughly stretched bodies are generally ready to relax for bed. Tense bodies, on the other hand, are not.

Corpse pose

Corpse pose, or Savasana, is the most relaxing way to end your bedtime yoga. Kinosian suggests lying flat on your back and letting your feet fall to the sides while your hands are palm up. With every muscle relaxed, you can begin to breathe deeply for around 15 minutes. Take this time to relax and feel ready for bedtime, calming your body and your mind. After 15 minutes, head to bed, and be ready to sleep through the night!

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