3 Ways to Help Reduce Global Warming

Simple steps to get you on a greener path

Too many people think that they are helpless to stop global warming. But the truth is, if you start making small changes in your lifestyle and encourage others to do the same, and then they encourage others to do the same, then you'll all eventually make a difference together. But it starts with you.

Reduce emissions

You can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by using less electrical power, keeping your home and workplace thermostat to a reasonable level, traveling less and using public transportation. Another way to reduce emissions is to buy locally harvested produce and meats. The less a product has to travel to get to you, the less fuel is used and emissions produced in the process. A good first place to start? Turn out the lights when you leave rooms.


When you recycle, you not only cut down on the amount of trash in landfills across the country, but you also lower greenhouse gas emissions because it means less energy will be expended making the product from scratch again. Similarly, if you recycle by giving to, or buying from, a resale shop, you also save greenhouse gas emissions because fossil fuels aren’t used to make and transport a new item.

Tell others to help reduce global warming

Some people don’t change their lifestyles to be more “green” because they don’t think that they can do it alone. They think that reducing emissions for an individual or a family is too minor to have any results. Although this isn't true -- because every little change counts -- you can also encourage your friends and family members to change their lifestyle as well. The more you work together, the more good you can do for the environment, ensuring a beautiful world for your children and the generations to come.

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