3 Ways to Cleanse Your Consciousness to Feel Healthier and More Vibrant

Excerpt from 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse

Our bodies are our temples. They are the home of the divine, the resting place of the holy. Without them, we cannot express the glory of the divine on this earth. Even though we are not our bodies — we are just using them as a vessel to play in this game of human life — they are sacred containers loaned to us for a very short while.

One would think that since the only “buy in” to the game of life was this body of ours, we would hold it, nourish it, adore it and revere it each and every day that we're blessed to embody it. But this just isn’t the case for most of us. More often than not, our bodies show up like a nuisance, another thing that has to be fed, cared for and maintained — another “to-do” on our long list that must be checked off. Or we view our bodies as something that must be dressed up and tended to so we can look good and get some love and attention.

To step into reverence for our bodies, we must first forgive ourselves for all that we have done and not done to care for them. We must bless what is good about them and find acceptance for all that we have deemed to be wrong or bad. We must get present to the magical transformations that our bodies make each day to keep us in the game of life. And we must bless them for the opportunity they give us to evolve our souls this lifetime. Bless something and it will bless you back. This is your sacred task today. 
3 cleansing rituals
The next step in purifying your consciousness is to make the commitment to treat your body with reverence. 

1. Make a list of the ways you’ve given your energy away, abused yourself, ignored your needs, stepped over your boundaries and given more than you had to give.

Freely express all the times you have hated your body for getting sick or run down. Acknowledge the ways you’ve ignored the messages your body was sending you. Add to the list all the times you’ve chosen to engage in an activity when you were exhausted, all the ways you’ve made your body wrong for being too short, fat, slow or different, all the times you’ve been insensitive to the care that your body needs and deserves to sustain a healthy, high vibration life

2. As you read over this list, allow yourself to say “I’m sorry” to your body, the sacred vessel that exists for the sole purpose of allowing you to express your gifts. 

This is the time to apologize for all the times you didn’t rest, when you put somebody else’s needs above your own, when you exercised so hard that you slammed your body into a state of shock, or you chose foods or drugs that were emotional band-aids rather than what your body needed to replenish and gain energy. Today, write a letter to your body asking for forgiveness. Your letter might look something like this: “I’m sorry for hating myself: for being too skinny or fat, short or tall. I’m sorry for choosing other people’s needs over my body’s well-being. For eating cupcakes when my body needed grains. For not taking the time to stretch because I wanted the endorphins of a hard workout.” If you knew your body was the holy container of the divine, what do you need to say you’re sorry for?

3. Your body has the ability to tell you what it needs to be healthy and vital, but to hear its messages, you must become sensitive to it.

Your body needs to be exercised, to be cared for, nourished and replenished. It needs sunshine, good food, rest, nutrients, stretching and care in the form of a dentist, a doctor, and a chiropractor. This is the day to become sensitive to the needs of your body. Tune into the sensitivity of what your body needs. If you need to have a check up or take care of some part of your body, make the appointment today.

Consciousness Cleanse

From The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse: A Breakthrough Program for Connecting with Your Soul's Deepest Purpose by Debbie Ford. Copyright © 2009 HarperCollins Publishers. Republished with permission.

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