3 Popular Composting Accessory Kits

What to look for to begin a household compost pile

As the green movement gains momentum, more people are focusing on eliminating waste from their homes and producing more all-natural foods in their own home. Composting allows you to reinvent your kitchen scraps in the form of plant nourishment and use it to grow your own plants or flowers. Composting accessory kits come with everything you need to start the process, no matter what kind of composting you want to do.

The beginner's kit

Beginning composters can find kits with everything they need at their local garden shops. These kits should include a plastic compost bin; these are usually very small, so you can keep them in your kitchen. They also include liners for the bins, a thermometer and compost starter. The liners, similar to a trash bag, allow you to transport the compost to the garden. The thermometer will monitor the temperature of the compost to make sure it is high enough to promote proper decomposition. The compost starter is a powder that contains bacteria and fungus that will help break down the kitchen scraps. Some bins in these kits have carbon filters to prevent odor.

Worm composting kits

Some composters use worms instead of, or in combination with, the regular composting bacteria. Worms will eat through the kitchen scraps and digest it, and their waste will be a nitrogen-rich compost.

Worm composting accessory kits usually come with a worm compost bin. These are larger than regular composting bins, and often have stackable sections so the worms can compost the scraps on the bottom section, then move up to the next. The bins should still be small enough to fit in your kitchen. These bins also have a spigot on the bottom to release any liquid from the waste. The kit should also come with a thermometer and a small hand-held rake for mixing the compost.

Worm composting kits usually do not come with the worms, but you can purchase composting worms from a reputable dealer locally or online.

Large composting kits

For more advanced gardeners, large outdoor composting kits are very popular. These kits, aside from having bigger bins than kitchen kits, usually come with a tumbling bin. These bins may be cylinders set on legs and have a handle that allows you to rotate the cylinder to stir the compost, barrel-shaped bins that you can turn end over end or wheel-shaped bins that you simply roll. This way you don't have to open the kit, which lets useful heat and microorganisms escape, to mix your compost.

Tumbling kits come with compost starter and a thermometer. Some advanced tumbler bins have a built-in thermometer. The bins should also have spigots that allow you to remove liquid from the compost. Don't throw away that liquid because it is very nutrient-rich. Dilute it and pour it on your plants for effective fertilizer.

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