3 Eco Tidbits for Easy Living

Find out the easiest ways you can make money by recycling your old electronics, what tissues to use the next time you have a cold and what times not to get into your car.

  • The Electronics Recycling Superguide has the details on the e-waste recycling programs of every major electronics manufacturer. Find out what you can take back and if you have to pay fees, or if you can get cash back for your e-cycling efforts. The Superguide also has a list of retailers’ take-back programs and a list of cash-back Web sites.
  • The Greenpeace Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide: Don’t raze rainforests by blowing your nose. Greenpeace has put together a handy guide to disposable fair trade products, with an eye to their eco cred. Find out what brands use recycled content paper and which cut down old growth trees.
  • The INRIX National Traffic Scorecard: Think traffic is bad in your neighborhood? Find out how congestion in your town compares to traffic jams in other cities by browsing this guide, which outs the 100 most congested urban areas and the 100 worst bottlenecks. Both lists are put together in detailed charts, complete with worst hours for traffic and a travel time index. All that info might give you the push you need to get out of the car and onto a bike.

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