3 Different Approaches to Home Composting

How to make composting fit your lifestyle and needs

Home composting can save you money on fertilizer, and help you live a more environmentally friendly life. But each person’s lifestyle is different and you need to adopt a composting approach that suits yours. Below are a few different approaches to home composting that can help you create and stick to the composting habit.

Compost starters for fast composting

If your goal main goal isn’t to get rid of your biodegradable trash in an environmentally friendly manner, but instead to create fertilizer quickly, you should purchase a compost starter, available online and in some garden stores. Compost starters are natural compost activators that can turn your trash into compost faster than if you were to simply leave your pile over time.

Composting piles and/or bins

If you’re more interested in having a place to dispose of your biodegradable trash, or you don’t need to use your compost right away, then you can start by creating a compost heap. Although composting by simply creating a heap of compostable materials is a good way to begin, as the compost pile begins to grow, you should consider containing it in order to keep the pile neat and tidy. You can opt for a do-it-yourself compost bin made with discarded materials, such as shipping crates and wire fencing. Or you can buy a product made specifically for the purpose of composting.

Garbage container and bag composting techniques

Another option is to make compost in a garbage container and/or bag. The process for beginning this composting technique is to fill the container or bag with the compostable materials and nitrogenous fertilizer. Garbage containers must be rolled to mix the compost, but composting techniques that use bags don’t require this. However, if you’re making compost in a garbage bag, you’ll need to add lime and store correctly — in a warm area. In either case, these composting techniques can take from six to 24 months to fully mature.

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